Hiring Trends of 2023

Hiring Trends of 2023

A new year is upon us, and with that comes the prospect of new hiring trends in the digital marketing industry. The last 2 years have seen incredible growth within our industry, however recently we have seen some retrenchment during the final quarter of 2022. What does this mean for 2023?

While we expect to see healthy, strategic growth this year, employers are beginning 2023 with a cautious optimism. Most analysts are predicting a short recession, with unemployment topping out at 5%, which may still challenge employers to identify and procure the skills in demand, especially within the digital media industry. Here are just a few examples of possible trends we can expect in 2023. 

  1. Remote vs. On-site: Hiring trends throughout 2022 indicated that hiring for on-site only jobs will continue to prove difficult after the Great Resignation. A stunning 64% of the workforce would consider finding a new job if they were forced to return to the office full-time. 
  2. Top 3 Jobs on LinkedIn (in the marketing industry): LinkedIn’s top 3 job postings for marketers in 2022 were SEO, Email Marketing, and Copywriter. This gives an insight into what companies are looking for and which skills are most needed.  
  3. Work culture is king: Job seekers are looking for an “inclusive work culture”. Many employees want to feel like they are directly contributing to the success of their employer, not just a body in a chair. Research shows that employee engagement strategies are benefitting employers as they begin to reach out to their teams and illustrate how their contributions affect the company’s bottom line.  

Whether it’s an on-site position that is proving hard to fill, or you would like some insight on how to approach an employee engagement strategy, contact Entech’s own Kevin Haweny at khaweny@entechnetworks.com or via phone at (954) 340-5775 ext.204. for a free consultation on how we can positively impact your company’s hiring needs in 2023. 

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