Why Entech

Our mission is to provide effective and efficient customized human capital solutions for the digital media, marketing, advertising, and technology verticals with a focus on driving business growth for our clients. Our vision is to provide value in our solutions that clearly illustrate a ROI for our clients. Our team works diligently to keep the human experience at the center of all the solutions we provide.

The competitive landscape for the Digital Media and Technology recruiting industry is robust and spread amongst a myriad of providers. However, the competitive advantage for Entech is that the large global recruiting agencies typically do not have industry specific recruiters to create a quality candidate pipeline. We believe this is where Entech separates itself from the pack as a provider that specializes in digital media and technology recruiting.

Entech has developed a proven methodology, providing our clients with valuable assessments of their onboarding process inefficiencies. Our goal is to promote process improvement opportunities as well as creating a strategic management framework that is customized to each unique client environment.

Entech also differentiates itself by providing consulting services such as succession planning, executive compensation planning, knowledge transfer, and the cross training of key associates. These services represent our long term perspective when engaging with a client. Ultimately, this coalesces in becoming the Premier Provider of Global Marketing, Advertising, and Technology Talent.