Entech provides an efficient, cost effective process for onboarding specialized, highly skilled labor. We utilize a proprietary strategic framework in the procurement of human capital for our clients. We primarily service the Digital Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Technology verticals and create a methodology that is unique to each client environment.

Our core objective is to create a value proposition and illustrate a clear ROI for our clients. We consistently out-perform internal corporate HR recruiting environments primarily because they are not equipped to identify the unique array of skill sets our clients require. Entech’s capabilities range from providing permanent staffing solutions, contingent workforce, C-level executive recruitment, and customized consulting solutions.

I’M A COMPANY LOOKING TO HIREOur Talent Acquisition team is committed to providing customized, total quality staffing solutions while incorporating global best practices and always with an eye towards continual improvement.

I’M A COMPANY LOOKING FORBUSINESS CONSULTINGWe are accountable for developing our clients’ process characteristics and implementing those processes with measurable gains. We are committed to improving our clients’ existing processes with a goal of complete process standardization.