The Art of Hiring in 2022

The Art of Hiring in 2022

Since 2020, businesses have had to face some unique HR challenges, first, having to lay off their valued employees, and now scrambling to replace them. The pandemic was unprecedented, and we have seen changes in how organizations are competing for this limited talent pool. It’s time to get creative by taking meaningful steps to improve your company culture, flex time, and career paths for your employees. A work-life balance is paramount and companies that recognize this, have a distinct advantage in the recruiting of new employees. Entech would like to highlight some hiring practices to create robust candidate pipelines in a tight labor market:

1. “Screening In”: The “screening in” strategy opens the floor to candidates that may need additional training while on the job, as opposed to “screening out” the potential candidates that do not meet all of the qualifications and requirements. This allows for a greater chance of hiring talent that can flourish with the correct training and guidance, even if they may not meet all of the exact qualifications. 

2. The Recruiter Experience: Your recruiting team, positioned on the front lines of the talent war, offers a unique perspective into the motivations of the job seeker. Many of their conversations reveal clues to placing the candidate successfully. Solicit their feedback when creating job descriptions and compensation models. Most importantly, the recruiter mindset needs to be one of retention success as well skillset qualifications. 

3. The Candidate Experience: In this market, expect the candidate to assess their overall experience with the screening, selection, interview, and offer process. Was it organized? Professional? Did I establish a rapport with my interviewer/s? Would I even want to work for them? The company’s process must be optimized and consistent in order to provide a positive candidate experience. While these are a few simple steps to take towards improving your overall onboarding methodology, perhaps you may benefit from having a conversation with one of our Account Specialists to discuss your onboarding strategies for 2022 and beyond?

If some of this is starting to make sense to you, then please reach out to us at for a free consultation and let’s discuss how Entech can help your organization.

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