Five Ways to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

Five Ways to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

Five Ways to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are the director of a digital media agency or a college student, an excellent/well-written LinkedIn page is essential to have in the business world. LinkedIn is a way to create connections with other professionals and explore future career opportunities. As of April 2017, LinkedIn has officially reached 500 million users and that number will continue to rise in the future. There are a number of ways to beef up your LinkedIn profile to make it look more professional and the top five ways are listed below for you!

  1. You MUST have a profile picture– In 2016, LinkedIn announced you are 14 times more likely to have your profile viewed just by having a professional photograph. Employers like to put a face to the name they are talking to.
  2. No grammar mistakes– There are hiring managers out there that will immediately dismiss the idea of a candidate with a misspelled word for a position. Your resume is supposed to show employers why you are perfect for the job you’re applying for and should be absolutely flawless!
  3. The gap between work experiences– Gaps aren’t always necessarily a bad thing. Nine months is the average time a senior executive is out of work. It is important for everyone to find the perfect position, but if someone jumps from job to job, then it looks suspicious due to the level of commitment.
  4. Job hopping– Employers would prefer to hire someone who has a proven track record of long-term commitment.
  5. Unnecessary information– Why bother to have information in your profile if it’s irrelevant to the job position you’re looking for?

  BY: Michael Katz


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